Why Portable Toilets Are Must Have In Today’s Time?

Outdoor functions/events have always been an essential part of our lives. Irrespective of the place we go, we always want to have better hygienic toilets without compromising on the convenience part. It’s not always viable to have toilets everywhere you travel for an event, parties or functions. So, then what’s the option?, Portable Toilets? Yes […]

How do Roofing Sheets and Purlins Benefit for a Long term?

Roofing sheets come in handy and are surely the best choice if you wish to protect your open space with elements such as rain, sunrays and snow (especially in hilly areas). The roofing sheets come in couple of colors and sizes and are highly reasonable. These reasons make these sheets the most sought after solution […]

PEB Getting Popular with New Life Steel Structure’s Innovative Technology

No Industry can flourish without employing innovative technologies and the construction industry is no different. Today, India’s construction industry has also seen a ground-breaking concept in the form of pre-engineered buildings. PEB buildings have already garnered huge popularity in western countries and now are considered to be the future of construction. Slowly but steadily, even […]

How has Pre-Fabricated Technology Fared in India?

Though the concept of pre-fabricated technology is new to India, it has gradually started to spread its wings in every corner. Growing construction of prefab buildings is a classic example of this. According to industry experts, prefabrication technology will continue to grow in the country as the demand for reasonable housing increases on a larger […]

Why Prefer Pre-fabricated Construction over Traditional Ones?

In the construction industry, on time delivery of properties is extremely vital for both buyers as well as builders. Getting an early possession of a flat or apartment for a buyer means fewer headaches of rent payments. If the buyer himself is an investor, he/she can begin earning rental income at the earliest. Also, after […]

Pre-fabricated Structures – Great Add-Ons for your Home

Would you believe anyone, if they say that your terrace would be equipped with a room within 24 hours?, and that too at a very little cost and without confronting the law. Most of them won’t believe and that’s obvious. How can you erect a room in your terrace without the permission of your society […]

How is the Market for Prefabricated Buildings in India Evolving?

Prefabricated building systems in India are slowly getting a move on with many builders and construction companies now adopting the methodology in India. As far as the world is concerned, this system has already been accepted and has gained a lot of momentum. Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Sydney Opera House are the two […]

How Effective Purlins are in the PEB Industry?

Purlins are horizontal structures that are used to support the load from the roof deck or the sheathing. Due to its easy installation on concrete structures or steel and its plane surface, purlin is considered to be a preferred material for cladding. Features High tensile strength Easy installation Optimum quality Abrasion & corrosion resistance Benefits […]

Success of PEB Systems: Growth Track for PEB Steel Buildings in India

With infrastructure construction across India combining economy, safety, speed, strength and aesthetics at great levels, steel structures, till date a primary foundation element; have emerged as complete solutions in construction projects for  several structural requirements. Today, India is growing rapidly as an economy for pre-engineered steel buildings (PEBs) as it’s witnessing a boom in the […]

Present-day Industrial Building Methods

A massive wave is riding in India as far as infrastructure upgrade is concerned and the construction techniques in the country have seen a major elevation over the past few years with the adoption of global practices. Africa is known to have many well proven building techniques which might be of good use in India […]