Success of PEB Systems: Growth Track for PEB Steel Buildings in India

With infrastructure construction across India combining economy, safety, speed, strength and aesthetics at great levels, steel structures, till date a primary foundation element; have emerged as complete solutions in construction projects for  several structural requirements. Today, India is growing rapidly as an economy for pre-engineered steel buildings (PEBs) as it’s witnessing a boom in the infrastructure sector. Structural steel buildings or Portable cabin buildings are addressing parameters including finishes, environment control and life cycle with a flair derived from product innovation and technology advancement. Emerging as a strong substitute to traditional construction methods, PEB in India is validated by the 34% market share of PEBs in the construction industry. Though this figure is lower than some European countries, it marks India’s growing global market share at 9.5% – a step ahead of China’s 8.5%.




Strength Building

With the country’s 5 year plan catering for infrastructure addition in the form of metros, airports and bridges, sector differentiation is expected to separate industrial buildings and building systems. Many companies in India have diversified into verticals within the PEBs segment to meet sophisticated requirements for structure. These include design and engineering, manufacture and construction and erection. This pattern of restructuring specifies an industry that sees PEBs coming into its own with experiencing exponential growth with diversification into several sectors and segments.

Preferred Alternative

While the application of pre-engineered metal buildings has a varied potential, the concept is identified and preferred in the industrial construction segment. Add to that the lessened time to completion with the benefit of quality, and there’s way for success. Today, PEB is getting its due credit as a favorable alternative construction methodology in India. Now, more and more sectors comprehend the benefits of metal over brick and mortar. The scope of metal/steel buildings is extremely vast for the Indian market. PEB proves to be quite relevant and beneficial to many construction verticals including infrastructure, warehousing, oil & gas refineries as well as group housing. There are lots of benefits of having a steel structure or building over conventional concrete. Majorly, speed and quality of construction are the top two benefits. Steel buildings are quake, fire and cyclone resistant – thus from a safety and longevity perspective, these buildings are timeless.

Technical innovations in recent years have led to flexibility in expansion that enables future expansion in length, width and height. Today’s era is of PRB systems and now more and more industries are adopting it to enable flawless construction.

About Mr. Sunil Srivastava

Sunil Srivastava is a Business Partner at New Life Steel Structures, a leading organization having expertise into the manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings. The company has been into the industry since 2 decades constructing multiple steel structures with varied budget in different geographies and operating with a strong sense of work ethics, pride and integrity