Weigh The Advantages Of Pre-engineered Buildings Over Conventional Structures

Pre-engineered buildings are the futuristic choice of building owners searching for affordable and high-quality constructions. The long period of construction, the large amount of labour involved are all influencing the decision of new building owners as they opt for PEB buildings over the conventional structures. While planning commercial ventures, building owners are considering the benefits of opting for PEB buildings. They are considering PEB buildings ideal for their commercial exploits while weighing the advantages over common conventional structures.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Vs Conventional Structures

  • Conventional structures take ages to be constructed while pre-engineered buildings are completed soon.
  • On an average, pre-engineered buildings are completed in 6 to 8 weeks. But the conventional structures are built in 20 to 26 weeks.
  • PEB buildings are affordable and thus preferred over conventional structures. The conventional structure requires a high amount of materials, labour and are expensive to build.
  • Pre-engineered buildings are constructed with simple design whereas the conventional structures are built with heavy foundations.
  • There are plenty of materials and designs to choose in pre-engineered buildings than in conventional structures.
  • Conventional structures are built with cement and plaster using tedious processes. However, a pre-engineered building is built with light latest materials and designs for high durability. The PEB buildings are 30% lighter due to the use of steel structure.
  • Pre-engineered buildings have seismic resistance with its light-weight prefabricated steel structures frame. Conventional buildings are destroyed during tremors.
  • In PEB buildings, all the materials and accessories are supplied together. Whereas in conventional structures, the supplies are from different sources.
  • In PEB buildings, future expansion is very easy and simple. In conventional structures, future expansion is costly.
  • PEB buildings are designed with standardized and interchangeable parts. Building accessories are available with the building. Every conventional project requires different and special design accessories.
  • In PEB buildings, single source takes over the complete responsibility and the entire building is completed by the single supplier. In conventional structures, multiple components are provided by different sources.
  • In PEB buildings, cost and erection time are estimated correctly due to earlier experience. In conventional structures, cost and construction time can vary depending on complex processes.

Why building owners prefer pre-engineered buildings?

  • Early occupancy
    While opting for pre-engineered buildings, it is possible to occupy the buildings early.
  • Quick construction – Begin operations sooner
    Pre-engineered buildings are constructed quickly. This allows building owners to begin their industrial operations sooner.
  • Generate revenue faster
    While many PEB buildings can be constructed for industrial purposes, revenue can be generated easily while putting into use these structures. As soon as the plan is conceived to start an industrial unit for a lucrative purpose, PEB buildings can be developed and it can function properly to generate revenue.
  • Massive size
    It is easy for industrial owners to develop massive size PEB buildings and begin industrial units. They can also operate multiple industrial units as the cost of construction is less. While operating multiple industrial units, they can generate high revenue easily.

While the investment on the PEB buildings is low, it can even be discarded after use, but there are high investments on large conventional structures and it is not affordable to discard them.

So, have you decided over developing your new Pre-engineered buildings yet especially after weighing its host of new advantages? New Life Steel Structures is a leading pre-engineered buildings manufacturer, we also have expertise as a portable cabin manufacturers.

About Mr. Sunil Srivastava

Sunil Srivastava is a Business Partner at New Life Steel Structures, a leading organization having expertise into the manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings. The company has been into the industry since 2 decades constructing multiple steel structures with varied budget in different geographies and operating with a strong sense of work ethics, pride and integrity